Tadafusa Gyuto Knife 210mm TF series


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  • Tadafusa have been manufacturing hand made forged knives for home and professional use since 1948. They are from the Sanjo city in Niigata, Japan, an area reknown for blacksmith and forging activities since the 17th century.

    bocho gyuto knife

    This knife is a multi purpose knife with meat cutting bias. Gyuto translates to 'cow sword' and is commonly referred to as the butchers knife. But don't let that deter the vegetarians and vegans amongst us, this is a superb large multipurpose chef’s knife for experienced cooks. A great choice for the at-home or professional chef or cook.


    Length - 36cm

    Blade Length - 21cm

    Material - Carbon steel (blade), SLD Steel (edge), Burnt chestnut wood and plastic ferrule (handle)

    Weight - 200g

    Made in Japan

    Limited 12 month manufacturers warranty


    Bocho Tadafusa “Japanese style”

    The word Bocho means Japanese style.  From the traditional Japanese range of hand forged blue carbon steel knives by Tadafusa. Carbon steel holds a keen edge and these knives are exceptionally sharp. The handles are crafted from burnt Chestnut wood and plastic ferrules. This wood is moisture resistant and also resistant to bacteria. 

    These knives are created by ‘sandwiching’ layers of steel. The inside layer of Aogami (or Blue Paper Steel) allows honing to a super sharp edge. Sandwiching the Aogami between two harder layers of special composite steel enhances durability. The carbon steel exterior blade has been left with a rustic or nashiji (pear skin) finish. The undulating surface reduces suction, allowing food to fall freely from the blade and reducing resistance.

    The Bocho style may feel a little different compared with a standard Western knife. Please read the full instructions for use and care included in the box carefully, they are sharp knives.

    Some key points to highlight with regards to care of your Tadafusa Bocho carbon steel knives:

    Always wash your knife by hand in warm soapy water, dry it and put it away safely. Storage in a wooden knife black is recommended.

    It is a good idea to wipe the clean, dry blade edge with food grade oil every now and then to protect it from rust

    Never put your knife in the dishwasher or leave it wet for too long

    Only use a sharpening stone not a steel to sharpen your knife. Steels re-align a blade but the most precise sharpening is done with a stone.

    Feel free to contact us for sharpening advice and guides.