Terunobu Hirata Faceted Vidro Tumbler 13_06


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  • Ceramic cup by Japanese-born Melbourne-based artist Terunobu Hirata.

    7.5cm h x 7.5cm w

    ceramic and glaze

    dishwasher safe, handwash recommended

  • Melbourne-based artist Terunobu Hirata has been making high quality pottery for over 15 years. His body of work displays an extremely thoughtful approach, combining technical prowess drawn from years of study and close attention to Japanese traditions and mastery of glaze with a fine individual sensitivity and sensibility.

    Hirata's job as a chef at Kuni's (one of Melbourne's oldest and most revered Japanese restaurants) led to his desire to craft pottery. His belief that truly superb food requires an appropriate serving vessel that will work in collaboration to enhance the appreciation of the food guides his work, with careful consideration of both form and function. In his pots Hirata aims at creating a balance between fine art and everyday experience, always guided by his belief that "the beauty pottery is not just in the visual appreciation: rather, something that, after constant usage, its value should be ever increasingly cherished."