Toyonoaki Hon Mirin Shichihou 720ml


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Toyonoaki are a sake maker from Shimane prefecture, Japan.
They use their own saké lees for finishing this Hon Mirin Shichihou which imparts a particularly rich and deep umami flavour to the Mirin.

Mirin is used to create depth and sweetness to a dish. Mirin is made from rice that is used to make mochi(rice cakes) not the same rice as to make sake. Mochi rice is sweeter than other rices. With a shorter fermentation time, mirin contains a lot of sugars.

Mirin, 720ml
Made in Japan
Ingredients: rice, koji, water 

As a cooking guide: 

Teriyaki sauce= mirin 1: Shoyu 1: sugar 0.5

Stewed fish= mirin 1: shoyu 1: stock 2: sake 2: water 2

Stewed vegetables= mirin 1: shoyu 1: stock 15

soba soup= mirin 1: shoyu 1: stock 13~15

Tempura dipping sauce= mirin 1: shoyu 1: stock 20