Toyonoaki Izumo Jidenshi Cooking Sake 720ml


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  • Saké maker Toyonoaki revived an old recipe for this unique cooking Saké. It tastes like between Saké and Mirin. So it is rich (2 to 3 times Umami of Saké) and sweet (1/2 sweetness of Mirin).

    The most unique part of this item is adding ash for finishing the product. The purpose of adding ash is to keep the Saké alkaline. It is alternative technique of pasteurisation. So this cooking Saké is actually Nama (unpasteurised) but no need to be refrigerated.

    If you need more Umami or depth in your dish, this is a good one for you.

    This style of saké was popular in Japan centuries ago, currently there are only 2 makers producing it in Japan.

    Ingredients: Rice, koji, water
    Made in Japan