TSUDOI Long Rinka Flower Bowl with Bluish White Glaze


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  • Long RINKA Flower Bowl with Bluish-White Glaze
    w335 x d210 x h50mm

    Made in Japan
    Presented in beautiful giftbox with embossed detail.

    TSUDOI is ONO Rina's tableware consisting of four different, but very unique designs. The shapes and colors come from traditional Japanese styles of the past and their texture differs as well in order to enjoy them with a variety of dishes.

    In comparison to mizu-mizu, which has a wide collection appropriate for everyday dinnerware, TSUDOI can be enjoyed for showcasing entrees, main dishes to even desserts when serving to special guests, during special occasions or to make a family dinner look more gorgeous.

    About the maker

    ONO Rina collaborates with manufactures located in Gifu prefecture, where porcelain manufacturing has flourished throughout the years, bringing a second phase to a new series of plates.

    She works with manufactures known for using wax molding technique which is perfect for making round plates and also who are very good in using cast molding to make a variation of different shapes of plates as well as for pots. In comparison to the mizu-mizu line, TSUDOI consists of only four different but very unique plate designs that can showcase a variation of dishes to enjoy for special occasions or to give an accent in family dinners.