Unomatsu Rice Bowl


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  • Unomatsu rice bowl designed by Mute and produced by Hatashikkiten. A beautiful way to serve rice and other individual dishes.

    Established in 1930 in Kanazawa prefecture, Hatashikkiten are masters of traditional techniques of lacquerware. 

    The concept of this series is 'making a tool which is rooted in daily life', and the idea of its natural shape is born from their pursuit of the origin of Japanese folk-craft eating tools. The sophisticated form, the beauty of the cherry blossom grain pattern, the light weight and the perfect size for fitting the hands, it is very simple but everything is carefully made.

    There are three color variations, Amber: the characteristic wipe-lacquered texture, Russet: the rich & deep color and Natural: the beauty of solid wood grain.

    Size: 115mm dia x 60mm h

    Material: Cherry tree wood

    Natural finish: food safe urethane coating 

    Amber finish: wipe lacquered

    Russet finish: wipe lacuered


    Care: hand wash is mild soapy water. not for dishwasher. wipe lacquer-finish pieces should avoid storage in direct sunlight. 



    Hatashikkiten was established in 1930 by Hata Unomatsu, who was himself a craftsman of Yamanaka Shikki (lacquer ware). Commitment to quality, selection of materials without compromise and masterful techniques have all been passed on until today. From daily use to special occasions, the products feature sturdy yet practical construction as well as simple yet modern design. Each one is hand made by a skilled craftsman and the company earns its high reputation from a wide range of customers.