Wadaman Gold Roasted Sesame Seeds 200g


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  • Wadaman’s manufacturing process is one to behold. It involves a multi-step cleaning system, roasting and sorting process which quality-assures each individual seed.
    (Yes, you read that right. Every single sesame seed).
    The roasting - similar to that of coffee beans - is the most important part of the process and ensures that the seeds’ rich flavours and aromas can develop. Wadaman’s 4th generation president,Etsuji Wada, has been roasting sesame seeds for every single day, from 8am to 9pm, for more than 40 years.
    Just a pinch will add an explosion of sesame flavour to any dish.
    Gold Roasted Sesame Seeds are perfect for sprinkling on Goma-ae, rice, tofu, ramen and vegetables where a kick of sesame flavour is welcomed.


    Product of Japan