woodpecker MANAITA Chopping Board - Small


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  • woodpecker is a brand of MANAITAs (chopping boards) made from Japanese ginkgo trees.
    The remarkable character of MANAITA is that it is gentle to knife blades and hard to dent since the wood itself is soft and self-recovers.  Professional chefs in Japan have been using them for a long ago.

    Small (S) series can be used as a chopping board or a serving plate and give you many more possibilities.  What about using it outdoors!?

    S1: w320 x d120 x h25mm
    S2: w300 x d130 x h25mm
    S3: w300 x d130 x h25mm
    S5: w320 x d120 x h25mm

    material: Gingko wood

    If you regularly use Japanese cooking knives, Japanese cooking professionals recommend you use MANAITA for the aforementioned reasons.  Chopping boards made from stiffer wood such as maple or walnut and are not as suitable for Japanese cooking knives.
    FUKUI Kenji, comes from a family of woodworkers (craftsmen who make wooden parts for Buddhist implements, household Shinto shrines, and portable festivity shrines).
    Made in Gifu, Japan