Junko Yoshida 8oz Tumber Pine Needle


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A clear glass tumbler with pine needle pattern, which is thought as an auspicious motif in Japan. The glass is very thin & light, and slightly becomes wider towards the edge, that gives a comfortable fit in the hand.
Kiriko is Japanese traditional cut glass. It is normally cut with traditional motifs, but Junko Yoshida's works named KIRICO*KILICO have simple yet modern patterns. They are characterized by its familiar motif from the daily life, depicted in a fresh way. All the items are hand-cut with highly skilled technique.

[Size] Diam.65 H.115mm

[Material] Glass

While majoring in graphic design at Musashino Art University, Jumko Yoshida also studied under Yukio Nemoto, a traditional craftsman of Edo Kiriko, the Japanese cut glass and became independent in 2000. With the advanced traditional skills, her works are characterized by simple designs constructed of curves and lines and also warm designs with motifs such as flowers and plants.