April 4-26 2014: Pukulpa Pots - Ceramic vessels & works on paper by the Anangu women of Iwantja Arts

Pukulpa Pots

Ceramic vessels & works on paper by the Anangu women of Iwantja Arts


Dates and contact

Opening night reception Friday April 4th 6pm-­‐8pm
Exhibition runs until April 26th

Mr Kitly
381 Sydney Road Brunswick VIC 
03 90787357 / mrkitly@mrkitly.com.au


The artists of Iwantja Arts are pleased to launch their latest exhibition Pukulpa Pots. This new collection of vibrant ceramic wares and bold works on paper have been produced by the Anangu women of the Iwantja Art Centre, based in the central desert community of Indulkana. In collaboration with Mr Kitly and ceramicist Kim Jaeger, the exhibition will open at Mr Kitly gallery on Friday April the 4th from 6-­‐8 pm, the show will continue running until April 26th.

Pukulpa means happy in Pitjantjatjara, which the artists feel best describes the colours and patterns of the finished glazes on their ceramic wares.

Featuring works by: 

Angkuna Baker
Betty Muffler
Emily Cullinan
Julie Yatjitja
Kanakiya Tjanyari
Maringka Burton
Nellie Coulthard
Noreen Parker
Rene Sundown
Rosalind Tjanyari
Sally Cullinan
Vicki Cullinan


Pukulpa Pots is a vibrant exhibition of glazed ceramic forms and works on paper by the Anangu women
of Iwantja Arts at the Indulkana community on the remote APY Lands. This exhibition is a celebration of the artistic practise and careers of the artists; making specific reference through imagery and colour to both the strength and ruggedness of their desert country homeland, and combines this with fervour for the unique designs and fashion of contemporary textiles worn in community.

The artists involved in this exhibition have extensive artistic practises and have work held in collections both nationally and internationally. The works presented as a part of Pukulpa Pots presents a culmination of considered imagery and mark making that reflects an understanding of history and place, the ceramics and works on paper imbue both the dynamic storytelling and painting language of each artist.


Kim Jaeger is a Melbourne based artist and curator who works currently in ceramics. She has held solo and group exhibitions both locally and internationally and her artwork is housed in private collections throughout Australia, New Zealand, the UK and America.

In August 2013, Kim travelled to Indulkana to the Iwantja Arts Centre in the South Australian desert to run a ceramics workshop with the Aboriginal ladies living on community.

The exhibition at Mr Kitly showcases the results of this workshop, presenting developmental paintings alongside the finished ceramic vessels.


Mr Kitly is a light-­‐filled space overlooking Sydney Road and combines a shop, gallery and architecture studio.

Living for 5 years in Japan led owner Bree Claffey to an enduring passion for ceramics and artisanal crafts. Bree believes artisanal skills and the products that result have a unique ongoing relevance for our everyday lives.

This focus on the well-­‐crafted combined with a deep appreciation for the art practice and considered design work of the artists and designers who exhibit in the gallery make Mr Kitly what it is. The gallery presents a year-­‐ long exhibition program featuring both local and international artists working in a variety of mediums. 



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