Mar 6-22 2015: IRL - Tess, Jess and m8s

IRL: Tess, Jess and m8s
March 6-22, Opening night Friday March 6 6pm-8pm
An exhibition of new work by artists Tessy M King, Jessilla Rogers and invited mates:
Gussie Vinall Richardson
Seb Brown
Niamh Minogue
Elise Sheehan 
Anna Marrone

View works available for purchase here



Hi Elise,

How are you? Just emailing to give you some details about our show IRL at Mr Kitly. Pretty sure Tess already asked you and you said you have some stuff to show which is greeeat!!

Tess asked me to email you though just to explain the shows theme. SO... we are calling it IRL because we spend so much time interacting online and that’s how we all share ourselves and our ideas/inspiration but then we each go and make real, 3 dimensional work which a lot of the time doesn't actually get seen in the physical form. I feel like you might be a bit different but Tess and I really built a following purely based on images of our work. People don't really know our work from seeing it IRL, they just know it and know us from our Instagram accounts etc. 

Anyway now we have been given the opportunity to show IRL and so we thought we could focus on that being what we are doing and we thought it would be good to invite our friends, our 'community' who we interact with a lot online and have a network with online to show with us IRL.

Take what you like from that you can respond as closely or as loosely as you like. That you are in the show is an engagement with the theme.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Chat soon

Jess x


Hi Jess.

Sounds great. IRL is totally up my alley.

I kept telling my NEIS mentor the only way I ever made money was through Instagram and I have definitely interacted with and met my IRL hero’s through my internet presence so I'm with you on the theme and its general existence. 

What are the dates btw?

Speak soon


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