ISSHO Exhibition - March 1 & 2 2013


ISSHO means 'together' in Japanese. It's a special exhibition of new handcrafted designs in wood, paper, glass & ceramic from Japan. We are proud to be exhibiting for the first time in Australia new works by Ms Rina Ono and select artisanal makers from Japan. Many of the woodenware items are made by the highly skilled woodworkers of Asahikawa, Japan.

Friday March 1 - Saturday March 2
Opening reception & Meet the Designers Friday March 1st, 6pm-8pm

See the online exhibition catalogue HERE.

Above: Eni Series wooden tableware by Rina Ono


Ms Ono’s new designs on show include a portable washi LED lamp designed in response to the recent TOHOKU earthquake, alongside new tableware designs in wood in collaboration with highly skilled craftspeople from Asahikawa, Japan. We are also welcoming for the first time handcrafted glassware by Studio Prepa and exciting new stationery items from a boutique Japanese design house.

Come along to the opening reception and meet the designers in person, whilst enjoying some refreshing beverages and snacks. For the opening reception only we will be offering a giveaway pack featuring some of the designs on show and special VIP discounts.

This exhibition is 2 days only, so pop it in your calendar now for a special and unique treat of finely crafted wares from Japan unavailable anywhere else in Australia.


About Rina Ono

“I sincerely design products so that my creative essence cuddles up to the user's life.”



2001 Graduated from MA of the Tohoku University of Art and Design, Yamagata, Japan
2001 Studied at Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Design as an exchange student
2002 Work as an assistant at the Tohoku University of Art and Design
2007 Launched "Rinao design studio"


About Asahikawa Woodworking

Hokkaido residents are proud of their pioneering spirit. 360,000 people help each other to live in snowy Asahikawa, where the temperature frequently drops to –20˚C. Due perhaps to its pioneering history and perhaps due to its severe climate, Asahikawa has drawn in many frank and open artisans, the likes of whom cannot be seen elsewhere in Japan. The origin of Asahikawa can be found in its deep rich forests, and since 1890, Asahikawa has grown and developed in both sustainable timber production and wood craft. Asahikawa’s cold and dry climate makes it the best place for preserving lumber in an otherwise humid Japan.

Woodworking in Asahikawa has developed from furniture production in the pre-1960s, into original product design by artisans originally involved in making furniture parts processing. Craft artists soon followed and also began to make unique products independently. Asahikawa continues to thrive as a site for learning and production of furniture and other wooden handicrafts and products of superior design and quality.




 FUTAGAMI Brass IHADA Cutlery by Masanori Oji

 CARA series tableware by Rina Ono

 PH series stationery


 Wooden tableware (children's spoon and fork) by Asahikawa woodworks

 Wooden thermos bottle by MokuNeji

 VODA series glassware by Studio Prepa


MICHIYUKI-TOU Paper Lantern by Rina Ono


hum Stationery Series Tape Dispenser "brick" by HIGHTIDE

USB holder and desk aroma by HUM


JICON porcelain tableware by Masanori Oji

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Blackwood Tokonoma Series No. 02 - Pegs Marlow

夏は木漏れ日(KOMOREBI) ‘sunlight filtering down through the trees in the summer’