An Exhibition of vases and flowers - Cécile Daladier

Fri 2nd – Sun 18th August 2013
Mr Kitly gallery, 381 Sydney Road, Brunswick


A letter from Cécile:

Dear Bree,

I can’t tell you how happy I am to do this exhibition with you. What a pity that I can’t make it to Australia this August, but I’m sure we’ll have another occasion to meet. My vases have actually made it before me, and I’m glad! I picture them all the way across the world; they are going to greet flowers, herbs, leaves, and perfumes I probably don’t know.

The vases are open to all kinds of flowers, each and every one of us can then arrange, according to our findings, minuscule gardens, little choreographies, allowing stems, mosses and lichens to assemble and look like they are growing in the vases.

The plants go from the raw to the fired earth: in one or the other, their lifespan is very short but intense. Plants like water and light. I create my vases for that, by fitting into this universal and ancestral tradition of flower growing.

I invent shapes according to the flowers I have in mind. They are all different, each piece is unique. According to the seasons and to how I feel, series may appear.

So dear Bree, here are a few elements I felt like telling you. I hope the preparation of the exhibition goes well and that it will be appreciated by many visitors. 

I send you all the best.



Cécile Daladier was born in Paris in 1955.

She first dedicated herself to music and later to the fine arts. 

For a few years now, the creation of vases and singular objects all linked to the botanical world has become her main field of work.

She works in Paris but also in the Drôme where she shapes and fires her ceramics. In this isolated place Cécile also devotes herself to gardening and her passion for plants.

Since 1999, she has regularly collaborated with Nicolas Soulier as part of their duo Assaï. In 2006, they received the first prize for the international competition of gardens organised in Austria : best private plots / Die besten Gärten (

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