Feb 10 – 24 2018 - Into the woods

Into the woods
An exhibition by Janetta Kerr-Grant
Feb 10 – 24 2018 
(opening Fri Feb 9 6pm-8pm)

Mr Kitly gallery
381 Sydney Road
Brunswick 3056


This series of works arises out of time I spent deep in the forests of Finland one summer. I spent my days out in the forests looking – up close at the papery bark of trees, the pitted surfaces of tree trunks, the grain of the rocks. And, in the distance, staring at the birch and fir trees standing tall and in silhouette against a sun that didn’t set.

Pattern, line and texture embedded themselves in how I saw this very different northern hemisphere forest. I did drawings and took many photos as my way of connecting to this unfamiliar landscape. The memories of this time slowly made their way into these works.

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