Pilea - The Generosity of Plants

Pilea - The generosity of Plants
Thursday November 22nd 6-8pm 2018
Mr Kitly gallery
Upstairs 381 Sydney Road Brunswick

It’s a celebration !

In Mr Kitly's book Indoor Green we featured Kirsten Perry's Pilea peperomioides plant. Kirsten's plant has over the years created a veritable new generation of Pilea plants via propagating the baby runner plants from the mother plant. Kirsten gave the newly propagated plants away to friends with the only condition being; they must give the runner babies away to friends as well.

Mr Kitly’s own baby plant really took off and started to produce loads of new little baby Pileas. This got us thinking about how nice it would be to hold a celebration about how plants can give so freely. We talked to Kirsten about it and we agreed a celebration would be in order. Pilea peperomioides became quite commercialised - selling for quite high prices on the internet as they were still relatively rare to get in Australia. Our idea with this celebration event is to refocus on the pure generosity of plants and the communities they can make.

The original plant has pride of place in this gallery installation and we have collected up as many as we can of the baby plants that have been given away to install in the gallery alongside it. Everyone has very kindly loaned their little plants to us, and they are in delightful pots.

So it is a family reunion!

And also the chance to extend the family. The Pilea plants keep giving, and we will have as many new little plants as we can to give away on the event night (Thursday 22 November 6-8pm). So come along, admire the plants and the community they can grow, collect your very own free little Pilea baby on the night and join the family tree!

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