Primal Casting 7 - 22 Sept 2019

Primal Casting

Opening night Sept 6 2019 6pm-8pm 
Exhibition Sept 7-22 2019

Mr Kitly gallery
381 Sydney Road Brunswick

Sarra Tzijan
Rebecca McCauley (curation)
Hamish Donaldson (glass)
Jamal Twycross-Smith (sound)

A solo exhibition by Australian-Indian maker Sarra Tzijan, showing new sculpture and found objects. Primal Casting documents Tzijan’s experience of being submerged in a rural Indian art village, working alongside tribal artists trained in the ancient craft of Dhokra: one of the earliest forms of lost wax metal casting. Lost wax casting is a traditional art practice that involves pouring molten metal into a mould created from a wax model.

Combining object, sound and observation, Primal Casting is a colourful presentation that looks deeper in to relationships between the maker, their materials and their environment. The outcome speaks of Tzijan’s mixed heritage, referencing collaborative and communal making that is inherent in the Dhokra process. While respecting the fine hand skills of the craft, the vessels and spoons play with design, function and aesthetic, placing Dhokra in an unexpected, contemporary context.


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