For School - a collection

For School - a collection
In late 2015 I teamed up with Sarah K (the Other Hemisphere / supercyclers) to curate ‘for school’ - a collection of objects designed around the theme 'for school. The objects were launched at Tokyo Design Week 2015.  The collection was then shown at Hotel Hotel in Canberra, Australia.

Whilst the collection has been designed to the theme of 'for school' the objects can be used in any setting the user, young or old, might desire. They are functional, meticulously crafted objects for use for a lifetime.

View the entire collection online here.

Emphasis was been placed on carefully crafted, handmade works, mindful of environmental impact. Each designer is closely involved in the making of their objects. All items are made to order, shifting away from creating objects en masse and towards fulfilling needs as they arise, even for larger audiences. This made-to-order model - where the number of items created is only what is necessary, and is limited to the need - is a model at odds with that of industrialised process which tends to make as many things as possible in the hope that they will be consumed. 

The ‘for school’ products are priced to reflect their real value; the time, skill, care and cleverness that has gone into the making of each thing. It’s hoped this approach to valuing objects makes purchasing the product a considered process that in turn encourages a fuller appreciation of the object and its use.

We also made videos of two of the pieces in action.

The Wearable Bag by Many Many

and the Personal Desk by Groupwork (and stool by Ben Blakebrough and Pouches by Field Experiments)





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