Indoor Green: Living with Plants

Indoor Green: Living with Plants

One of my biggest projects for 2015 was the making of this book.

The publisher Thames and Hudson approached me to write a book about indoor plants in late 2013 and I said yes to be honest without really thinking through what a big project it would be.

After taking a few possible forms, the book ended up settling in to a look at life lived with plants through my (and therefore the Mr Kitly) lens. Since opening in 2010, houseplants have been a very important element to Mr Kitly.

My next step was to ask my friend and photographer Lauren Bamford to be part of the project and the book is graced with her photographs throughout.

I have realised the book (and Mr Kitly for that matter) is a result of over 20 years spent unconsciously accumulating an aesthetic influenced by my time lived in Japan & Melbourne. Curiosity about all kinds of things manifested itself in the book via essays written by insightful people on the social, creative and community dimensions of houseplants.

The book presented such a fine chance to visit proper and illuminate the lives and thoughts of so many wonderful people who I have gotten to know via Mr Kitly.

You can see it here.




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