Mr Kitly Tea Meet @ MPavilion

The good folks at MPavilion and Office for Good Design kindly invited Mr Kitly to host a Tea Meet at the MPavilion in November 2014. Originally considering a modern tea experience, we in in the end decided to try a distinct meeting of worlds. The very traditional Omote Senke Tea School meets Mr Kitly's ceramicists' contemporary tea bowls. And all happening inside an evolving plant music stringed installation by MPavillion collaborator Dylan Martorell.

Mr Kitly artists teabowls lineup: shiko, Valerie Restarick, Jessilla Rogers, Zac Chalmers, Yoko Ozawa, Bridget Bodenham and Matthias Kaiser, along with tea bowls by Gooseneck Pottery and with kintsugi by Kate Hill.

Participants in the Tea Meet were limited to 12 to enable everyone to fully experience the ritual and ceremony.

You can read more about the event here on the MPavilion site. Much gratitude goes to the ever amazing artists who made the tea bowls for this event, to Yoshiko and friends at the Omote Senke Tea School Melbourne for their invaluable participation, and to the lovely Yoko Ozawa for beautiful flower arrangements.

All tea bowls are for sale and can be viewed and purchased online HERE.




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