Continental Drift - Cecile Daladier 09


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  • Painting by Cécile Daladier.

    50.5cm x 50,5cm

    canvas (unframed)


    Cécile refers to these paintings as “chestnut tree canvas”. "The print on canvases is due to the fact that I put these canvases under a tree during a Summer, they received the chestnut flowers catkins as they fell, they remained there for two months day and night, sun and rain, without any intervention on my side; it is related to raku in away, and in an other way to continental drift: the power of nature without us, prints or trace fossils as the testimony of a thing that happened..."

    Drôme, France

    Cécile Daladier was born in Paris in 1955. She frst dedicated herself to music and later to the fne arts. For a few years now, the creation of vases and singular objects all linked to the botanical world has become her main feld of work. She works in the south of France where she shapes and fres her ceramics. In this isolated place Cécile also devotes herself to gardening and her passion for plants.

    This piece was originally shown in the Mr Kitly gallery exhibition Continental Drift, curated by Kirsten Perry. Read more abut this exhibition and about the artist here.

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