August 10 - Sept 2 Continental Drift

August 10 - Sept 2 Continental Drift

image: Matthias Kaiser

Continental Drift 

Opening night Friday 10th August 6pm-8pm
Exhibition 11th Aug - 2nd Sept 2018

Mr Kitly gallery 
381 Sydney Road

Curated by Kirsten Perry

Adam Buick (United Kingdom)
Jessica Coates and Michel Müller (Germany) 
Cécile Daladier (France) 
Matthias Kaiser (Austria) 
Maria Kristofersson (Sweden)

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Continental Drift is about contemporary ceramic artists making work in Europe for an Australian audience on the opposite side of the world, perhaps a continent they may have never visited before.

The terrain has shifted in the way we interact. The internet has brought our artistic influences closer, despite geographical distance. For centuries Europe literally drifted towards Australia, firstly via ships, then aeroplanes and now Instagram and the internet.

What must it be like to be a European artist? How was the geography, history, culture and even current technology influenced their practice? What other influences from abroad drift to their minds?

image: Jessica Coates
image: Cecile Daladier 
image: Maria Kristoffersson
image: Adam Buick


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