Nov 15-31 2013: Interiors - Leah Jackson

Exhibition 15-31 November 2013

A lamp, a rug, a pot, a plant, freedom, flowers, a champagne bottle on the balcony as an ashtray. It's all you need. 

"I feel the need to express something, but I don't know what it is I want to express. Or how to express it." Joey 

"I think it's exquisite." Eve

Ceramics absorbs human beauty. My hands crack and bleed, my nails split, clay dust fills my hair and skin, I spend my days in a tracksuit covered in glaze, slip, plaster, and dust. Throughout this process my pots seem to be becoming more glamorous, more sophisticated - as though I am some how imparting traits through my fingers and into their body. They have taken up smoking, are wearing make-up, and lounging around interiors all languorous, indulgent and decorative.

Named for the 1978 Woody Allen film of the same title, Interiors is a celebration of female relationships and the living space that these play out in. 


Leah Jackson is a Melbourne based ceramicist. She completed a Bachelor of Visual Arts (Hons) with a major in Ceramics at the ANU School of Art in 2003.  Recent exhibitions include: An Epic Romance, Craft, Melbourne; Aesthetics Room, curated by Kim Brockett at Mr Kitly Gallery, Melbourne; and Chinatown: the sequel, curated by Liv Barrett at ltd los angeles, Los Angeles. Jackson’s practice encompasses both functional and decorative pieces. The domestic space, and film, television and theatrical set design are continuing influences in her work.




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