Oct 4-27 2013: mirocomachiko - day of the red moon

Exhibition 4th to 27th October 2013 
Opening night 4th October 6pm-8pm. 

mirocomachiko is an artist and author of children’s books. She has exhibited her works in numerous shows and she vigorously draws animals expressing her own freewheeling thinking and a variety of ideas. In 2013, she won the 18th Japan Picture Book Grand Prize with her picture book, “A day when a wolf is flying”. She has published varied books including picture books:“My futon is made of ocean”(Akane Shobo) and“Tetsuzo’s nose”(Bronze Publishing). This is her first solo exhibition abroad.

mirocomachiko’s main books: “A night Guinuea Hen,”a illustration and prose book (Minato-No-Hito); “A day when a wolf is flying,”a picture book (Eastpress).







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