April 8-10 2016: Pot on!

Pot on! Mr Kitly will pot your plants.

Introducing the Mr Kitly mobile indoor potting bench (below). We will be using this to help Mr Kitly customers to repot plants on the spot in store.

If you purchase a plant and pot from our selection in store we will repot it for you gratis on the dates below. Or if you bring your favourite plant from home and buy a selfwatering pot to pot it into we will do this for you too. This potting help is in honour of our new colourific range of selfwatering pots.

Pot on!
Friday 8 April 12pm-6pm
Saturday 9 April 12pm-6pm
Sunday 10 April 12pm-4pm

The new range of selfwatering pots is installed in the gallery until 17 April in an installation also featuring FUTAGAMI lampshades.




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