April 22-May 22 2016: Self Help for Plants - New works by Smalltown


New works by Smalltown
Opening April 22 Friday 6-8pm (no RSVP required)
Exhibition Sat 23rd April - 22 May
We expect a lot from our plants ~ nourishment, clean air, beauty ~ and sometimes they need a little help. To be their best, to live up to their full potential. A crutch for a sagging limb, a net so they don't fall, a trellis to support their climb. Self Help introduces new works by Smalltown designed to give our plants ahelping hand.
Smalltown transforms knotted rope into bespoke screening, lighting, plant hangings and a wide variety of commissioned projects. 
'My work is an ever evolving exploration into the possibilities of the knotted form. Pattern, texture and craftsmanship are at the core of my practice. I enjoy the simple transformative act of tying knots and its satisfying immediacy. I'm inspired by the simplicity of process and purity of material, the constant challenge of working with only a spool of rope and a pair of hands. I celebrate the humble beauty of rope, its tactility and easy ability to be woven into layers of texture and pattern. I want to push this ancient art into the now, to create objects of beauty and function that sit within our contemporary designed spaces.”

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