May 15-31 2015: Intimacy & crafts - Contemporary objects by South Korean makers

Intimacy & crafts
May 15-31 2015, opening night May 15 6pm-8pm

Contemporary objects by South Korean makers.  Curated by Kenny Yong Soo Son. 

Jeong-yong Han
In-hwa Lee & Deok-ho Kim
Seo-yoon Kim
Hyun-seok Sim
Kenny Yong-soo Son

Intimacy & Crafts is an exhibition that looks at exploring a particular kind beauty in crafts, beauty that is often identified with use, the beauty of intimacy.

‘ …people hang their pictures and paintings high up on walls, but they place their objects for everyday use, close to them and take them in their hands.’ - (Bernard Leach)

This beauty of intimacy is one that comes from the outlet of expression from the makers themselves, hand to the object. Machined processes cannot replace the craft of the hand and the diminishing hours of labour often result in products becoming heartless objects that lack significance and longevity. As Kenny’s ongoing initiative in introducing and sharing Korean culture and tradition, he has invited 5 contemporary artists from Korea in sharing this idea of intimacy in crafts through their very own practice. - Kenny Yong-soo Son


Wood and metal scoops: Hyun-seok Sim
Ceramic works: Jeon-yong Han

Download artist CVs:
Jeong-yong Han
In-hwa Lee
Deok-ho Kim
Hyun-seok Sim
Seo-yoon Kim
Kenny Yong-soo Son


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