Aesthetics Room

New works by:
Carson Fisk-Vittori (Chicago)
Sol Hashemi (Seattle)
Leah Jackson
Antuong Nguyen & Adam Wood

Curated by Kim Brockett
July 6-22 2012
Opening Friday 6 July 6pm-8pm

Carson Fisk-Vittori, Possible Planters, 2012, found ceramics, microfibre, flora

Aesthetics Room explores simple and elegant approaches to art-arranging as opposed to art-making. The exhibition reflects upon the Japanese post-war aesthetic movement Mono-ha (literally 'school of things') and its interest in the encounter between natural and artificial materials.

Working across various media like ceramics, found objects and fauna, Aesthetics Room is an intimate showing of work by artists who value restraint and possess an inherent respect for their material.

This is the first Australian showing of work by Carson Fisk-Vittori and Sol Hashemi.

Exhibition supported by Crumpler.

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