Yanagi Wa Midori, Hana Wa Kurenai

(Willows are green, flowers are crimson)

A joint exhibition of works by
Bridget Bodenham (Australia) and Yu Kobayashi (Japan)
Exhibition 11-26 August 2012
Opening Saturday 11 August 2-4pm

drawing by Bridget Bodenham

Mr Kitly is delighted to be hosting Bridget Bodenham (Australia) and Yu Kobayashi (Japan) for a joint exhibition in the Mr Kitly gallery in August 2012. This is the first time these two ceramic artists have exhibited together.

(willows are green, flowers are crimson)
Zen saying by 11th Century Zen writer/scholar/poet So Touba (also known as So Shoku)

We expect that every year when Spring comes there will be green willow leaves and crimson flowers. The lesson in the ancient Zen saying, yanagi wa midori, hana ha kurenai, is that we should not take this happening for granted, but appreciate the beauty of this 'truth'.  We should appreciate the beauty of nature as it is. Imbedded in this aphorism is also the message is that things have their individual charm (jibun no iro). In this joint exhibition the two artists can also be seen as representing yanagi and hana (willow and flowers); each artist with their own individuality, existing within a greater truth.


Bridget Bodenham lives and works in her studio in the idyllic bushland setting of Hepburn Springs, Australia. Bridget has exhibited extensively both within Australia and overseas, and was a finalist in the Bombay Sapphire Design Discovery Award and an Honourable Mention in the Mino International Ceramic Award, Japan. She is currently teaching ceramic art at Ballarat University.

Yu Kobayashi lives and works in a self-built studio made from driftwood and recycled materials next to the ocean in Shizuoka, Japan.  Yu is a multi-disciplinary artist - a painter, sculptor and ceramic artist. Yu regularly exhibits in Tokyo and across Japan. She has had two books published about her life and work.

Bridget’s beautiful studio space seems to have grown organically alongside the eucalyptus and wildlife surrounding it. Yu walks daily through a grove of pine trees separating her house from the ocean, whereupon she has a view of the sun setting over Mount Fuji while she tends her driftwood bonfire on the beach. Working in these natural surrounds, both artists create ceramic pieces imbued with a deep appreciation for the profundity of nature, whilst also delighting in a light, playful approach to the ceramic form. Bridget and Yu's creations for this exhibition will be the result of a dialogue across the ocean. With the presentation of functional and non-functional ceramic objects - as well as paintings and drawings to complement the ceramic works - this exhibition will be a celebration of art made from the earth, and the capacity for ceramic objects to bring joy into everyday life.


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