Justin Williams

Exhibition 12-28 October 2012
Opening Friday 12 October 6-8pm

The Attachment series is an on going project where I am trying paint from memory people that I have had some kind of connection or attachment to - whether it is a deep relationship, like my father, or just someone I used to go to school with and might never see again. 

The paintings inform the memory - I use a mirror or reference images to help me paint. When, after a period of very lucid watercolour work, the image starts to take on a likeness of someone it is often someone I have never thought about, or totally forgotten who they are. Painting in this way helps me to release the memory or attachment that I might have had to that person and then move on; I believe it is important to release my thoughts of them in order to help process my life better. 

- Justin Williams, October 2012 

installation view

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