Easy Tiger

Pippa Makgill

Exhibition 14-30 September 2012
Opening Friday 14 September 6-8pm

'Easy Tiger' is an installation of sculptures that have been made responsively to the space at Mr Kitly.  Slight in appearance, the objects that inhabit Mr Kitly carry a weight of craftsmanship and history that I find compelling. For the genesis of this exhibition it was the delicacy of ceramic works that brought about a conversation and later an investigation into the aesthetics of mended Japanese ceramics.

This line of investigation lent itself to my own interest around the idea of 'sculptural gestures'. The art of Kintsugi presented a technique of repairing broken ceramics and giving them more value.  I was drawn to how these broken objects were mended with the moment of impact immortalised across their bodies.  This process also spoke of a respect for the object that could be traced through the hands of two artists.

It is in part that I have carried these ideas into my process.  Working against the grain of my own material fetish of everything that is plastic, malleable and disposable, this exhibition presented a challenge.  This body of work attempts to tap into the emotive life of objects and pay homage to their poignant fragility and resilience.

- Pippa Makgill, September 2012 

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