March 25th Workshop - Knife Sharpening for the Kitchen with rowsaan

Knife sharpening for the kitchen
Workshop by rowsaan

Date: TBC
Location: Mr Kitly, 381 Sydney Road Brunswick (upstairs)

The date for this workshop has been postponed. Please register your interest by sending us an email to mrkitly (at)

Join rowsaan for a 'knife sharpening for the kitchen' class and learn how to sharpen knives using Japanese water stones.

We start with the basics of stone selection, gripping the knife, sharpening motions and edge angles. You are then guided through the sharpening process using your own knives from home, learning a simple method that has clear steps to follow and signs to look for to gauge your progress. We finish the class learning how to touch up the edge between sharpening sessions using a leather strop, made for you to take home to help maintain your edge. The goal of the class is for you to feel confident sharpening at home, or if you already sharpen, to take home skills to achieve a sharper and more durable edge.

What to bring: 

  • 2 or 3 of your own knives (knives aren't supplied to learn on), no single bevel knives please.
  • Closed toe shoes.


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