March 10 - April 2 2017: Patina by Andrei Davidoff

Andrei Davidoff

Opening night Thursday March 9 6pm-8pm
Exhibition March 10- Apr 2 2017
Mr Kitly gallery
381 Sydney Road (upstairs)
Brunswick 3056

Whilst cherry picking forms and iconography from the histories and theories of studio pottery, Andrei Davidoff’s PATINA works come from an exploration of the convoluted relationships between function, concept, tradition and skill through the lens of clay. Whilst querying both the nature of assigned value within the ceramic discipline, these objects take a humorous and sometimes macabre look at the tension between an object’s prescribed high art cultural value and its social capital as a utilitarian necessity.

Andrei Davidoff is a Melbourne based potter and artist whose work deals primarily with the vessel, and the cultures and spaces in which they are found. Often utilising themes of memento mori,
containment as well as implied historic value Davidoff works mainly with
ceramics often pairing this craft based medium with glass, lead sheeting and wood.

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