October 15-30 2016: Not Wow by Kirsten Perry

October 15-30 2016: Not Wow by Kirsten Perry

Not Wow - New works by Kirsten Perry

Opening night October 14 6pm-8pm
October 15-30

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Paper can fold. Clay can be squished. Wood can be sawn. Metal can bend. It’s pretty obvious and unremarkable but pretty amazing at the same time. 

On visiting sacred spaces in Australia and Japan, it was the material of the object that really made an impression. Using these materials to make totems of moments that hold personal significance; a joke, a tea break chat, a feel good memory. These objects allude to folk craftsmanship and to subconscious spiritual rituals.

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Artist statement 
I love to investigate the relationship between elements of error, chance, anthropomorphism and humour. Traditionally, errors are discarded or covered up but I like to challenge this aesthetic by highlighting and exaggerating errors, especially through humour. 
Mould making is central to my ceramic practice. I enjoy the technical challenge of casting objects or textures not usually associated with ceramics, such as paper and cardboard. This process has the ability to transform the object’s original purpose. 

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