Rework 02 – Reflect

Rework 02 – Reflect

October 9-31 2021

Elizabeth Yong established Primoeza clothing label in 2009 after studying Studio Textiles at RMIT.  Over the ensuing years, Elizabeth has been inspired to only use pre-existing materials and thus began 'Rework' - a project where she uses traditional craft techniques to rework vintage and found clothing.  'Reflect' is a gentle extension of the Rework project into Safety wear. Hi vis and safety clothing are becoming a practical necessity in our wardrobes and the Reflect project explores how we can make contemporary 'hi vis' clothing with pre-existing materials.


Mr Kitly (upstairs)
381 Sydney Road

As we are in lockdown you cannot currently visit the installation in person, but we hope to extend the exhibition to enable in person visits once lockdown lifts. Meanwhile we will be uploading images and price information online soon. Please contact us to be placed on the waitlist for the price list.

This exhibition is part of the Craft Contemporary 2021 program.



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