Banksia Integrifolia

December 17, 18 & 19 2021

Banksia Integrifolia.

Coastal Banksia.

I love these Banksias. They don’t mind living in pots. You’ll often find them growing along the coast. I recently camped near Wilson’s Prom and we saw heaps of these beauties, ancient and bowed by the wind - and that’s the effect I’ve looked to create here.

Star-shaped foliage is hard to accomodate in clouds or clusters because the circumferences overlap and get into each other’s orbit but if you sit the heights of the clusters all skew-iff there’s a bit more room.

This tree I have been styling for about 10 years. When I came across it, it was a good tall tree, but I looped it and re-potted it on an angle. Since then it’s found its feet.

Oliver Mann

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